Terms and Conditions

In compliance with the act Nr. 101/2000 Sb., about data protection act, as subsequently amended for the Czech Republic, respectively with the act Nr. 428/2002 Z.z in valid version for the Slovak Republic I hereby declare that I agree with processing, using and storing my entire personal and confidential data on websites mentioned above for the purpose of my presentation to potential employers and personnel agencies as recipients and at the same time take into account that providing these personal and confidential data is voluntary.

Specifically this concerns filling personal data (first name, surname, date and place of birth, marital status, nationality, sex, gained academic titles, tax numbers), further information regarding confidential details such as, contact details including permanent address, achieved education, current situation on the job market and work experience gained to the present day, knowledge and skills, ideas and requirements of your desired job and other optional items. From confidential personal details we process details about health state with respect to corresponding labour law (i.e. health restriction and specific requirements for workplace).

Processing personal data happens automatically, by means of information system connected with websites mentioned above.

Further to this I take into account that I have been advised about:

I. my right to information what personal details about my person are being processed; 
II. my right to amending inaccurate personal data; 
III. the fact that if the administrator breaches their duties imposed by the law Nr. 101/2000 Sb. I have the right to ask the administrator at my fulfilment of all legal duties (a) to refrain from unlawful proceedings and to eliminate objectionable status (b) to amend personal data so that they are correct and accurate (c) to block and/or remove my personal data if this does not oppose other legal requirements (d) to be given adequate satisfaction in compliance with civil regulations, if my personal rights were affected (e) to be given compensation for potential damage caused

IV. my right to refer to the Office for personal data protection 

I can apply rights stated in points i) and ii) primarily by means of administration of my user account on websites mentioned above.

I give my consent to the company FENIX PERSONAL s.r.o. with its headquarters in Slavkov u Brna, Heršpice 295, ID: 75326949, as an administrator also in items that relate to its organisational body Nr. 1436/B for the period of 10 (ten) years from the date of last information update or to cancellation of user account based on my request, should this come first.

I agree with usage of my electronic contact for the purpose of forwarding commercial communication, both commercial communications related to products and services FENIX PERSONAL and commercial communication related to products and services of third parties. I simultaneously agree with the general terms and conditions of the company FENIX PERSONAL and conditions of usage of electronic systems whose detailed version I have thoroughly read on the website.