How to write a CV

Example of sample CV can be found in this link.

CV should be:

  • brief
  • well structured
  • accurate
  • truthful
  • without grammatical mistakes.

CV should include your current photograph

  • a portrait photograph is recommended

CV should include the following facts:

Personal data

  • first name, surname, date of birth, permanent address, telephone number, e-mail address


  • state in ascending order – starting with primary school education to the highest education reached
  • state also commencement and conclusion years of your school attendance
  • together with school names, subject of study, specialization
  • further trainings and completed courses

Previous work experience

  • state in descending order – starting with current employment concluding with your first employment gained after finishing your education
  • with each employment state commencement and conclusion date including month in given year
  • state the name of employer and the field of business
  • state the name of position you held down
  • give a detailed account of your work duties. This description can be extensive. The more accurate information about you we gather the more effective our further communication will be.

Language skills

  • spoken and written level of foreign language, achieved certificates, examinations and stays abroad

Computer skills

  • what computer programs you know and at what level

Driving licence

  • if you hold it, state the category

Other skills and knowledge

  • personal characteristic and professional targets, vision of the job you search
  • Your professional successes
  • Hobbies and leisure activities
  • References