We hear very often the opinion that recruitment agencies are useless. Applicants are bothering the unprofessional approach of recruitment consultants and feel harassed by sending offers really often that do not match their experience and requirements. Companies are bothering overpriced services for poor quality services, the quantity predominates the quality.

We would like to break through this experience and these barriers. That´s why we approach our work differently. How? Read on:

  •  we do not look for fast business, we offer and also look for partnerships with clients and candidates as well
  • the candidate for us is not just a "name" but a partner as well as a company
  •  we are trying to get to know you. The necessity for the quality of our work is to get to know the company, its history, the current situation, the employees and colleagues of the new employee. On the other hand we want to get to know the candidate – his/her experience, abilities and hobbies, all personally.
  •  we are focusing on the selection of employees for specialized and expert positions, management and top management
  •  our customers are solvent, reliable and reputable companies in their field. We do not co-operate with insolvent companies with unclear history or future
  •  we prefer a customer and partnership approach - long-term and confidential
  •  we prefer quality over quantity! Our recruitment consultants are not bound by the obligation to send a certain number of CVs per day or to negotiate a given number of appointments with the client. Everything is individual, every company and process requires special approach, time and quality!
  •  only experienced consultants with several years of experience in human resources or education in this field work for you
  • we create tailor-made services according to your needs, specific situations and wishes
  • we have a wide network of contacts considering candidate locations and fields they are working in



We will be glad to convince you that these are not only empty words!