Selection process

  • Search for employees

We search for employees according to the requirements and specifications of our clients. We will ask you for a job description of the position at the beginning of the process itself.

To search for candidates we use many sources both internal and external. Internal, in the form of our own website and database FENIX PERSONAL in which all candidates can register. External sources include advertising on relevant paid job portals and advertising formats across the internet. We also lay stress upon the interest of candidates based on targeted advertisement of current job offers.

We use methods which lead to a complex evaluation of candidates in the selection process. They are based on performance-related or managerial profiles, should this be essential for a particular position. Criteria are given in advance, based on a specification of each position.

The most common reasons for using our services are:

  • you do not wish to burden your own employees with selection process
  • you wish to protect company privacy
  • you have no response to your own advertising
  • you are inundated with candidates’ offers who do not reflect desired requirements
  • you discovered mistakes in the selection process and evaluation of candidates
  • selected candidates leave in the probation period and you are repeatedly forced to organise new selection processes which brings further costs

Organization of the selection process

We arrange the selection process complex from its commencement up to the selection of candidates. We carry out the selection under the name of our agency and the client gets introduced only with the field of business. Candidates undergo several rounds of the selection process and are assessed according to the conditions set by the client (personal interviews, assessing specialised and language skills…). Evaluation personal interviews are usually carried out at our agency. Based on client’s requirements it might lead to a personal interview at your company’s premises.

Psychological diagnostics of candidates

Candidates will undergo professional psychological testing which enables us to evaluate their performance-related and personal qualities or potential shortcomings according to the requirements of the client or suitability of use.

People are a source of success and prosperity of your company. In this respect we can help as an agency. We bring new perspectives on employees since we are not burdened with any company links.