Provided services

We always strive to achieve the following for our customers:

  • to find the most optimal solution for our clients
  • to approach the assigned requirements with a maximal responsibility, individuality and confidentiality
  • to become familiar with the company environment and culture as much as possible so that we can find the most suitable candidates
  • to create a long-term partnership with our client as a foundation for a mutual success


We provide the following services:



  • based on requirements specified by you, we search for suitable candidates in our candidates’ database and advertise them on internet servers , we cooperate with, such as (,,, and others) and also with agreement with our clients in daily press, alternatively in specialized press we contact the candidates directly. We also use so called bespoke advertisement.
  • We carry out individual interviews with selected candidates where we assess their professional competences, personal characteristics, candidates’ expectation and their motivation and inform them about the open positon. Subsequently we carry out a secondary selection of candidates suitable for further selection process.
  • We carry out candidates’ psycho-diagnostic tests in the selection process free of charge.
  • For our clients we create a summary of selected candidates and a file containing the most important details with reasoning about their suitability for the open position.
  • We emphasise clear, open and direct communication with everyone involved in the selection process, from the beginning of the recruitment process up to its finalising and advising rejected and unsuccessful candidates.



  • Executive Search /Headhunting/ is a method suitable for searching for TOP managers and specific professionals. It is done by means of a direct addressing and a discreet offer. With this method an experienced candidate is contacted, having been selected by our agency or the client themselves. Such candidates are not looking for a new employment but can be persuaded by this offer and choose to change their employer.
  • Advantages:
    • the client is up to a specific phase anonymous
    • such a selected professional is already successful in their field, you gain a „complete” employee
    • we guarantee discretion and following rules of business ethic



If you would like to find out more about strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates, we will test them for you.

  • We provide free of charge psychological assessment of employees being hired, their performance-related and personal characteristics using standardised psychological methods. These specialised methods significantly increase the probability of selecting the most suitable candidate for the open position. They also provide further information as to where to aim candidate’s future development.
  • Why test candidates?
    • test results will confirm or dismiss your „impression” of the candidate in a personal interview
    • you will discover candidate’s assumptions, skills, strengths and weaknesses
    • test results will help you lead the interview in a more effective and purposeful way
    • you will know the candidate before you sing a contract with them
    • you will find out if he/she fits in the team with current colleagues
  • We offer a wide range of questionnaires and tests focusing on personality, motivation, team role, managerial style, coping with a challenge or particular competence and others. Questionnaires are designed for both managers and businessmen at executive positions, as well as specialists. Based on those, you will be able to gain key information and recommendations in clear and understandable form.
  • Test and questionnaire results are well structured, apt and very specific. You can use them for diagnostic of individuals or groups or surveys (for example prevailing managerial style, team stress resistance, etc.).
  • We also offer the possibility of testing your candidates or candidates of other personnel agency – this service is subject to a charge.